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La Vie Luna Apothecary


It is my mission to create and curate handcrafted, non-toxic, and natural products for your self-care routine that are safe for you and kind to the environment.


You deserve every day to feel magical, and your self-care products should be safe, natural, and non-toxic. I provide you with the products and resources to help you create your own magical self-care ritual that will bring the magic back into your life and make you feel like yourself again.

Meet the maker

Hi, I'm Emily

Creator of La Vie Luna Apothecary and the HMIC (head maker in charge).  I started La Vie Luna Apothecary (formely Luna Handcrafted) out of my bedroom in 2019. Back then, I was really struggling with my anxiety and depression and my intuition was telling me to start crafting; to find something to do with my hands to take me out of my head. I came across a candle making kit and was hooked. I decided to learn everything I could about candle making. I read books, took courses, and dove right into testing and formulating my own soy wax candles. However, while I was learning about candle making, I was also learning about the toxic ingredients found in popular candles. Once I learned about this, I made it my mission to only create candles that I would feel comfortable burning around my nieces. To me, this was by using natural and non-toxic ingredients. As my business grew and I dove deeper into the world of non-toxic ingredients, I was also deepening my self-care and spiritualy practice as a tool to heal my anxiety and depression. Having dedicated self-care time, whether that was practicing yoga, taking a bath, or mindfully doing my sknicare routine, helped me connect back to myself and made my days feel magical and fun again. I saw the power and magic that self-care had on my life, and felt called to add self-care products into my business, thus turning Luna Handcrafed into La Vie Luna Apothecary. I now make and curate other home fragrance products, bath and body products, and am always testing and formulating new ideas!