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Candle of the Month Club

Non-toxic, seasonal candles delivered straight to your doorstep

Candle of the Month Club Waitlist

Reason to Join #1

Keep your home smelling good and feeling cozy all year round.

As soon as you're ready to relax for the night after getting home from your busy day, you light a candle. The final step in cleaning your home is lighting a candle and taking it all in. Preparing to have your girlfriends over - you make a charcuterie board and light a candle. What if you had non-toxic, seasonal, and minimalistic candles ready to light all year round?

That's what you get with La Vie Luna Apothecary's Candle of the Month Club. By joining, you can ensure that you have handcrafted seasonal candles ready for you to light and delight your guests (without having to run to Marshalls at the last minute). Plus ... it's like a little gift to yourself every month. When's the last time you did something for yourself anyway?

Reason to join #2

Guaranteed access to seasonal candles.

All of my candles are handcrafted in small batches, meaning I typically make a set amount of candles for each season with limited restocks. Once they're sold out, you have to wait until next season.

Not if you're a member of the Candle of the Month Club, though! With your membership, you have guaranteed access to seasonal candles. Our best-selling Cape Cod summer candle? Yours before anyone else. Our best-selling Apples and Maple Bourbon? Consider yourself on the VIP list. 

PS - When you sign up for your membership, you will also choose your favorite fragrance families (fruity, woodsy/earthy, citrusy, etc), so you'll always get candles that your nose will love! 

Reason to Join #3

Joining is the easiest way to experience La Vie Luna candles

Each month you will receive one handmade, non-toxic, seasonal candle delivered straight to your doorstep and handpicked intentionally to complement the month, season, and your specific scent profile. You will also receive a little extra gift in each box, whether that be a box of artisanal matches, tea light candles, or trial sized products. 

Here's what you'll get

• One seasonal and non-toxic candle delivered straight to your doorstep each month

• Save 15% per candle plus free shipping

• Guaranteed access to seasonal candles

• Exclusive access to subscriber-only scents

• Skip or cancel any time (seriously)

Why you should choose La Vie Luna

• La Vie Luna candles are hand-poured using non-toxic ingredients

• Candle jars are recycable or reusable

• Packacing is minimal and eco-friendly

• All candles are made by hand in small batches in my home studio